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October 8th, 2017

Hatta, whatai??i??s not to love about this place? Just a 90 minutes scenic drive away from Dubai, The list of things to do in Hatta is every vacationers dream . Scouting nature while on adventure could be a phrase to describe the activities Hatta offers. Who wouldn’t give anything to hike through jagged mountains boasting diverse flora and fauna. Or cycle through the winding pathways that go between wadis, hills and farmlands. Cooling off at the Hatta rock pools will be both relaxing and adventurous. Hatta brings to mind the thought of a relaxing getaway and an awesome adventure with nature’s elements. So are you ready to enjoy a treat for the mind and an adventure for your soul?

Staying in HattaAi??

Although hatta makes an ideal one day trip destination, to properly enjoy it you need a minimum of two days. So if you plan to stay overnight, we got you covered. Firstly, lets take a look at the list of hatta hotels you can be staying at while enjoying the wonderful activities hatta offers. You can opt to go easy on your pocket or spend extravagantly. Hatta caters to all pockets.

1. Hatta Fort Hotel Hatta

Ambience,tick.Friendly staff,tick.Excellent locale, tick. Good food,tick. Stunning views, tick. This hotel ticks all the right boxes for an exotic getaway location and is only 2.1 kilometres from the hatta rock pools. Exuding a retro vibe, the hotel is placed within 80 acres of well-kept gardens and grounds. The chalet-like roomsand private villas all make up 50 rooms. Some of the facilities of this 4* hotel include 2 swimming pools, an archery range,a golf course and two restaurants.

2. Hatta Happiness Villa

Amazing Emirati owned Villa situated right next to the Hatta city center. Good fit for a big family or group of friends wanting to have private place for a Hatta getaway. Book in advance to avoid the property being fully booked. The villa has got authentic view of Hatta mountain

2. Holiday Arabian Resort-Hatta

If you are the outgoing type and expect to spend more time out and about, coming only to sleep in your room, this hotel is the right pick. The facilities are quite good for a 1* hotel with swimming pool, bar, 24-hour room service, kids play area and a restaurant. The rooms are spacious and fully air conditioned with a chalet-style decor. The prices are reasonable and service is good.

3. Clifton International hotel-Fujairah
Situated in the heart of Fujairah only 39 kilometres away from all the hatta attractions is the 3.5* apartment hotel with 156 rooms spanned across 15 floors. It has a nightclub and 3 bars for all the night owls and partygoers. The 24-hour gym is ideal for the fitness aficionados. Other facilities include a spa, 3 restaurants, free wifi and free car parking. The staff is welcoming and offer a food service.

4. Ibis- Fujairah

If you want comfort and a pocket-friendly price, the Ibis Fujairah is where you should stay. This is also 39 kilometres away from Hatta and has 180 guestrooms. The 3* hotel has a bar, a restaurant, an outdoor pool, fitness centre and of course free wifi.

5. Novotel-Fujairah

A modern decor paired with warm and friendly staff make this 3.5* hotel a good bargain for the price. The 182 rooms have free wifi, are spacious and comfortable with a clean look.some of the other good facilities include a restaurant, bar, outdoor pool,free children’s club, health club and business centre. Whats more, they even have airport shuttle for their guests.

Why Visit HattaAi??

This tiny exclave of the Dubai region might be small in size but it does have big potential and huge possibilities that fill the days of its visitors with excitement, awe and a special kind of love. In this blog we list out the places to visit and the things to do in hatta, without which the experience would be incomplete.

Surrounded by the Hajar Mountain Range that is reflected on clear water pools, Hatta is a landscape that has been cut from an artists easel and created in real life. Back in the days Hatta was known only for its tiny desert farms and the fort. Much has changed since then. Now, hatta is the perfect weekend getaway for bike enthusiasts, nature lovers and anyone who wants to take a break from their monotonous life. The possibilities are numerous, keep reading to find out more.

How to get to HattaAi??

Hatta is roughly an hour and a half away from Dubai. It is situated 130 kilometres south east of Dubai and presents one with a picturesque drive by road. To get to Hatta, one should drive around Oman to avoid the border crossing. The detour mihht be a bit of a hassle, but you will feel fulfilled when you come face-to-face with the captivating scenery. Picture bronze sand dunes transforming into ragged brown mountains. The best route to take to get from Dubai to hatta is the E611 known as the Emirates road which will lead you to the E102, the Sharjah-kalba road.

List of Things to do in HattaAi??

Now that we have informed you about how to get to hatta and the hitels you can stay in, lets get to the interesting part; what to do in Hatta? The weather is a perfect balance because of its elevated geography. Hatta defies all standards and makes it hard to believe that there is so much to see and do just a stone’s throw away from Dubai.


Over the years Hatta has become a famed and favourite hub for all the biking enthusiasts reciding in the adjacent Emirates like Abu Dhabi and Dubai. There is definitely a reason why Hatta is chosen for this activity. The Dubai Municipality funded the Hatta Mountain Bike Trail centre to set up numerous trails for all levels; from beginner to intermediate to experts. That’s not all, the trails are surrounded by pasteurs, wadis also known as valleys that give way to lofty hills. Mountain biking in hatta is rewarding both physically and mentally. You can join hobby groups or ride by yourself if you are confident enough. Donai??i??t worry about loosing your way as guiding markers are planted along the trails. You can rent a bike from Wolfiai??i??s in Dubai or get it on your way from Showka Bicycles. Aim to start riding by 6.30 am, the latest and stop by one of the mountains to catch the sunrise.


It goes without saying that Hatta is wonderful for hiking because of its proximity to the Hajar mountains and the numerous hills and wadis that populate it. The terrain can get a bit challenging but the view of the deep valleys and surrounding mountains is priceless. A famous hiking spot is behind the Hatta water dam. Make sure to pack the essentials; loads of water to keep you hydrated, food to keep you energized and safety equipment. You will face rugged landscapes, rough rocks and breathtaking vantage points from where you can savour the beauty unfolding beneath you. If luck is on your side then you might even spot some amazing wildlife like the Arabian sandcat. To make things easier there are five hatta hiking trails that have been officially mapped for maximum adventure and beauty.


The hatta green lake is a blue haven of calmand peace. Surrounded by many mountains this azure blue lake might not be green but it is certainly picturesque. To enjoy this treat one can rent a kayak or paddle boat from the kiosk near the reservoir. Set the kayak on the water and get ready for an adventure of your own. Guide the kayak through hidden passageways that lead to secret bays with thriving flora and fauna. While kayaking in hatta lake gaze at the reflection of the mighty mountains on the clear lake and spot schools of fish and other aquatic creatured that inhibit the lake.don’t forget to bring along a camera for amazing captures.


Just a few minutes away from the hatta fort hotel and the hatta heritage village is a typical scenery thats been pulled oit of a frame. Just liiking at the dark brown mountains contrasted with the turquoise blue lake will de-stress you. Spending a few minutes driving along the dam or hiking through the trails in the vicinity will rejuvenate your mind. It will get you thinking about how one geographic location can have two extremes, the sandy dunes on your way to Hatta and the flourishing Hatta lake. Amazing is not the word to describe it.


Find the answer to all your questions about Emirati history at the hatta heritage village. The exhibits include the real-life display of an ancient village with 30 buildings including a fort, a mosque and two watchtowers all made with the materials used back in the day. It was tye oldest village in the Emirate until it was refurbished a bit in 2001. Walk through the inside of a Rulerai??i??s house, locally known as Bait Al Wali to grab a peek into the life of a ruler in the historical times. Come across ancient artefacts, weapons, instruments, etc, before heading to the Al Sharia site to view the falaj irrigation system- a famous underground system used in local farms.


If you just want to chill and drink in the hatta vibes, the hatta hill park should be your next stop. Built in 2001 on the summit of a mountain it is a famous spot for BBQ and picnics. The park also has a play area for children along with running lanes and a sports area. Pack up a lunch oe prepare for a BBQ, head over to the hill park and have a nice time with the breeze and the surrounding greenery. If you are a sucker for breathtaking views, head to the tower that sits on top of the highest point of the mountain. You will feel your mind numbing with awe at the beauty of the village below and the hajar mountains that are spread below you.


The rock pools has been one of hattaai??i??s famous tourist attractions for a long time. Imagine deep pools formed amid winding crevices of rock. Think if the azure-blue waters creating a stark contrast with the ash-brown of the rocks. It is a sight you have to see for yourselves.

One common question many ask, ai???Are the hatta pools closed?’

The hatta pools are located near the omani border on oman territory. Since border control was made atrict, officials will request to see your passport or the Emirates ID. If you are an Emirati national, crossing the border is free and doesn’t require a visa. But, if you are from any other country (except gulf nations) you will need an Omani visa. Once you are past the check point you will be just a few hours away from the rock pools. The drive there unfolds gorgeous scenery and is mostly smooth. Once you near the rock.pools, it gets a bit bumpy because of the jagged terrain. Think of it as the rainstorm before the rainbow because the sight that awaits you is magnificent. Swim through the fresh water that threads its way through narrow rock openings. Meet your swimming buddies, the different type of fish that can be viewed through the crystal clear water. You will have to end your swim when the water becomes really narrow and tumbles down a pile of rocks to form a waterfall. Make sure that you bring back all your garbage and not litter the rock pools.

Now that you have all the necessary information and a list of things to do in hatta, pack up and drive down on your next weekend or make it a must visit in your list of holiday stops.

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