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August 15th, 2015

In just a decade, Dubai has become a fleeting attraction for tourists from every corner of the world. The year-round radiant climate, the high-end places to shop, numerous parks for families and adventurous sights to experience Dubai in a whole new light attract tourist in a similar manner to which magnets attract nails.

Just like visiting any other tourist destination in the world, entering Dubai also requires a visa. If you are travelling with your kids and wife you need to have a family Visit Visa Dubai. If you are wishing to spend your summers in the blissful heat of Dubai, sipping a chilled cocktail in the pristine beach or just want to experience as a tourist what Dubai has to offer, then you need to have a Visit Visa for Dubai.

Visa Type

The Visit Visa for Dubai has a validity period of 58 days from the issue date. If you donai??i??t enter Dubai within that period, you visa will not be valid. Once you have obtained the visa, you are luckily gifted with 30 wonderful days in the delightful city of Dubai.

Visa Cost

Citizens of certain countries are charged a security payment. This sum will be refunded back to the visitor once they exit UAE. The visit Visa for Dubai costs are roughly 150 USD, inclusive of visa fees, service fee and service tax. However, if you wish to get a visit visa to Dubai in a hurry, the express tourist visa might cost roughly 250 USD.

Required Documents

There are certain documents required by the Dubai government to process a tourist visa. This set of documents are dependent on the country of residence of the tourist.

1. Passport Biographical details page
This page consists of the personal details of the tourist, like name, place of birth, etc. and a photo of the passport holder.

2. Photograph
Every tourist applying for a visit visa has to submit a full color, clear photograph of themselves.

3. Last Page of Passport
Passports from certain countries like India, have some crucial information in this page. If your last page does not carry any such important information, you are not required to submit it.

4. Residency proof
This is only required if the country of residence is different from the touristai??i??s nationality. If this is the situation, then you should submit a copy of the residency visa shown in the passport.

5. Additional Documents

This is only applicable for residents of high-risk countries. They should submit any of the following compulsory documents:
i. Documents proving an annual income of 3000 USD or more, or documents showing investments of 3000 USD or higher.
ii. A valid visa proving the travel to any of the below-mentioned countries within the past 5 years:
ai??? Australia
ai??? Canada
ai??? New Zealand
ai??? Schengen Countries
ai??? UAE
ai??? UK
ai??? USA

6. Optional Documents

i. Observation page in passport (if Any)
ii. Child endorsed page (if Any) Visa Processing Duration

The normal processing duration for visas are usually 3 to 4 working days. This is dependent on the completion status of the application and the immigration approval.

Good to Know

ai??? GCC nationality tourists visiting Dubai do not require a visit visa for Dubai.
ai??? 37 other countries, Australia, France, Germany, UK and USA, to name a few, do not require any advance visa preparations as they can obtain a visa upon arrival.

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