1. What is mydubaiholidays.com?

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Mydubaiholidays.com is the website for the Dubai-based Travel and tour providerai??i??s booking engine. It offers a wide selection of holiday and tours in Dubai and is concentrating on inbound tourism in the UAE. Our Headquarters is located at
Office No. 221,
Nasir Saif Al Marri building (near Futtaim Mosque),
Naif Road,
PO Box 77838,
Dubai, UAE.
Our international chain is remarkable and will assure your safety in which ever country you visit.

2. Is mydubaiholidays.com a secure site?

Yes, it is a secure site. We have taken various safety measures to guard and avoid any information loss from the site. All financial details are protected by SSL essential and encryptions. All details provided by you are controlled with our privacy policy.

3. How can I contact My Dubai Holidays?

My Dubai Holidays will reply to any of your enquiries within a 24-hour period. If you wish to contact us by email, please click here. Additionally, you can get in touch with us via our international representatives or call a toll-free number if you are from the UK, USA or Germany.

4. Who is responsible for organizing travel plans on this website?

Everything displayed on the site, along with all the services and packages are developed and regulated by My Dubai Holidays. We arrange all travel plans with the finest of local providers for all of our tours.

5. How does the booking procedure work?

When you are willing to book, click on the Book Now button on the product page. Enter all the required details in the booking form and click on Place Order. If you are making the transaction via PayPal, then you will see a page that shows your order status.
Once the booking is approved, My Dubai Holidays will process the vouchers for your travel arrangements. Please keep in mind that your travel documents will not be sent to you until the entire payment is made. These documents will be sent to you via email or upon arrival.
Note: if the travel attendant in not able to make a confirmation on the time of booking, a substitute will be provided. If the substitute is not accepted, your payment will not be made and will revert back to PayPal.

6. How far in advance should I book?

All travel bookings should be made by a minimum of 14 days in advance. For customized tours and holiday packages, we strongly recommend booking at least three weeks in advance. If it is a group travel, then it is best to book a few months ahead. This allows us to provide exceptional services and the best accommodation options.

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7. What happens if I need a change or cancellation in my tour?

If the situation arises, please try to contact as soon as possible. In case of any cancellations, we require a written statement via email. Unfortunately, we are not able to issue a complete refund for any cancellations. The cancellation charge usually depends on the notice period, booking type and refund policies of local providers.

8. What happens if any of my scheduled tours are cancelled due to unavoidable circumstances or weather changes?
In any of the above-mentioned circumstances, we will provide you with alternative tour options without any additional costs. Please make sure to contact us immediately to make these arrangements.

9. When do I receive my travel documents?

The majority of our customers prefer to have them handed over to them upon arrival, at the airport. However, if you prefer to have it before that, we can email it to you 48 hours before as long as the entire payment is made.

10. Is there a discount offer for kids?

Discount offers for kids are provided on most of our tourist services. This offer solely depends on the age of the child and on the service type. If you want further details, please donai??i??t hesitate to contact us.

11. What happens if I have an emergency during my stay?

In case of any emergency, all our customers are entitled to contact a 24-hour help line. Apart from that, we equip our self-drive tourists with a temporary charger and mobile phone for extra precautions and can also make you familiar with the travel insurance.

12. Why arenai??i??t flights included in most vacation packages?

My Dubai Holidays does not arrange air travel to or from a destination as it is more cost friendly for you to book it directly via the airliners. This provides you with the benefit of airlinesai??i?? miles and frequent flyer programs. We advise you to contact the airlines directly for details about charges and bookings. However, we are always ready to help and can make your airfare arrangements at an additional cost.

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